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Mission Metal Fabricators has the state of the art equipment that help transform the most difficult intricate job into an easy one with our computer aided 250 ton press brake capable of bending 1/2" steel plate. Our 65,000 PSI water jet is capable of cutting through a variety of materials from glass to armored plate.


The water jet uses a fine, high pressure stream of water along with an abrasive material which cuts and provides a sharp burr-free edge. It is possible to create very intricate detailed designs with the water jet.

Equipment like this makes Mission Metal Fabricators a very efficient, high quality and exceptionally versatile company. Our in-house graphic designer can work with your prints or drawings or create a pattern built to your specifications.


Mission Metal Fabricators is capable of custom designing, fabricating NSF Certified stainless steel projects, installing complicated and intricate commercial and institutional kitchen equipment. We custom manufacture a wide variety of products to meet your needs.